The Old Curmudgeon

Here are a few of the sites we Host or have designed and maintain.

tranparent old curmudgeon picture

Yep, that's me, the Old Curmudgeon in the picture to the left. Wife wouldn't let me use the picture with my teeth out and hair all awry.  Said it'd scare off all the customers.  So, with hair combed and teeth in and as much of a smile as I can manage, I'm here to help get you started on the web.

I'm not new to the dance ya know, been at this for about 13 years.  I do have a few moves and some fancy steps when it comes to this web business.  While I'm not the biggest fish in the trout pond, I can certainly help you get swimming in the right direction here on the internet.

I specialize in hosting websites for individuals and small groups that need an inexpensive but full featured web presence. I can get you started and help you grow over time as you need to.

When your ready for your website to become more like the IBM's and Microsoft's of the world; I have solutions for most any kind of web presence you want. Emails, Databases, Extra Bandwidth, Site Statistics, Security, File Management, Sub Domains, CGI, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Front Page Extensions, Templates and Content Management Systems are there when you're ready for them.

OK, I know, you want to know what it's gonna cost to get started. All that information is on our Hosting Plan page. Why don't you take a few minutes and visit that page and see what you think.  It's all there. What it'll cost and what you get for your money.

If you still have questions you can contact me.  That information is on the Contact Page. Email me or call me on that 800 number.  It's free, I don't charge for answering questions like some folks do.

the Old Curmudgeon