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Multi-year Dicsounts

I'm here to help get you started on the web.

This is the information about our Basic Package. Don't let the name miss lead you. Our Basic Package is a full service, robust web hosting program that beats most of our competition hands down.

This table will give you an idea of the items included in the cost of this package. Keep in mind, that as you grow, your options and space can grow with you.

Disk Space Available 100 MB
Bandwidth 100 MB
Max FTP Accounts unlimited
Max Email Accounts unlimited
Max Emails Lists unlimited
Max Data Bases unlimited
Max Sub Domains unlimited
Max Parked Domains 1
Max Addon Domains 1

What's that?  How much will this cost?

How about $ 5.00 a month / $ 60.00 dollars a year.  Yep, that's it. There is actually much much more is in this deal, but that's the Basics.

How can I afford to offer this package at such a reasonable price?  It's a long story but in essence if you have an apple tree for the shade and it produces apples, sell the apples. Now, I own a good strong apple tree that provides plenty of shade and I don't need the apples so I can sell them for a very reasonable price.

Call me or email me and we can get you started pronto. Or, if your ready, click the "Buy Now" button under my picture and get started right away.

JWN - aka the Old Curmudgeon